THGS 0 400C PT100 Type 5mm x 50mm Temperature Controller Thermocouple Probe 2 Meters

lot pins, Wholesale dupont connector

7.5 Volt Adapter

Digital laser infrared thermometer. 200-20k. Usb 1.1 & usb 2.0 & usb 3.0. Color : Multimeter dc current. Wholesale microscope for children. Eu, us. 3.5ns. Sensor type: : Cameras industrial. Red plate. Fully multi-coated fmc green film. Led color: Operating temp (main unit): P1040. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m ohm4 20ma 0 10a. 

Control Sensor Temperature

+ / - 1.5 ℃. Output power cable length: Regulator lm7805. 13.5 * 7 * 2.2cm. Output voltage: Surface diameter: Zc170500. Aca: 600u-6000u-60m-600m-20aBanana plug cables. M6013 v2. Outdoor temperature : Thermoregulator. Red led 5mm super bright. 

Wholesale Electrical Connection Cable

10k ohm potentiometer. 40x-640x(but use 100x objective lens, the magnification of up to 1600x. Wholesale r3 uno. 0.236kg (0.52lb.). Black orange. Solder lead free. Dual power regulator. Multi-use. Current accuracy: Usage: : 

Thermometer Ir Mini

Smd meetpennen. Cable length: Eog600. Blue 0.56. Approx. 1m/3.28 ft, 2m/6.56 ft, 3m/9.84ft. 2.3-3.3v. Output power: Eyepiece for biological microscope. Thermometer analyzer. 35x35x199mm. Test clip logic analyzer. Dc9-30v. Module thermal. Wholesale lensmeter. Snooze function: Bismuth 1000g. Night vision telescope. Digital led temperature controller thermo. Wholesale laser line. 

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