1 Set Portable AC/DC Voltage Current Capacitance Temperature Digital Clamp Multimeter Free Shipping

band clamps, aircondition instalation

Dc Ampere Volt

293mm * 90mm * 66mm117806. 200-40m. Product size: Wholesale dreess. Ad tester. Nk260d. Mm 28. Earth resistance testing. High quality clamp meter. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v+/-0.8%. Quick clamp lighting stage. 198mmx79mmx38mm. 200mv / 2v / 20v / 200v / 600v(dc)2v/20v200v/600v(ac). 

Ut209a Clamp Multimeter

See d. 0.460 kg. Vc6018. Clamp two2/20/200v. -10 c to 50 c. Ac 0ma~60.00a. D 95. Engravible. Meter dc rs485. Filtering powder. 2a/20a/200a/1000a. Wholesale pen voltmeter. 9.99nf?99.9mf. -10c-60c(<70% take off batteries). Parameter electrical tester. 200mv/2v/20v200v/600v. Clamp 35. 

Avo Meter Digital

Manual range. Thermocouple signal. Fluke t5-600. Mini voltmeter ammete. Etcr3000b. Ac 6/15/60/150/600a. Center-222. 2pcs aaa battery ( not included ). 400?/4k?/40k?/400k?/4m?/40m?. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm +-0.8% 4mohm/40mohm+-1.2%. 0.00-210kohm. Wholesale rg5 rg6. Ac:400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v. 

Wholesale Soil Compaction Tester

Digital multimeter tools multimetroLow voltage instruction:115mm*70mm*33mm. Lcd display temperature meter. As discription. Ac current 60a/600a/1000a ±(2.5%+8). Wholesale cap dc. Diameter 33mm. 60v/600v. Uni-t ut204a. Power supply: : Table measuring. 5 v dc dc. Peakmeter ac digital clamp meter. 40hz-70hz. Single phase active power(kw): Auto power-off: Wholesale peakmeter pm8248s digital multimeter. 

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