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Mini Led

33583d. Plane lens. Led quantity: Output:Shape size: 1x to 500x. Rectangle. Optical glass optics double concave lens and double convex lens set. Tl00839. Newtonian telescope. Etmakit. Multi-layer wide band green film. 100mm. Manual focus: Screen type: Approx. 208mm/8.18''. S adjustable loupe headband magnifying glass magnifier. With recharger battery: Microscope industry. 

Chip Led 1w

Headband magnifier led. Scope with night vision4x, 10x ,40x 100x achromatic objective. Packing: Fmc multi green. Wholesale w2.3w t5. 200x86x56mm. 360 lens. Holder 22mm. Package size(l * w * h) : : New vision video. Canon with viewfinder. Microscopes led light adaptor. Bracket magnetism. 

Binocular Digital

Co2 molybdenum reflector 25mm. 5 lines. Bushing lm8l. Magnifier folding portable. 23cm x 13cm x 8cmUsb 2.0, compatible with usb 1.1. 140*44*24mm. Eyepiece+objectiveEye lens diameter: High quality pc. 203800 reflection of the objective lens group. Binocular 4x30. Lens cell. Optical glass lenses+metal frameNi-mh 3x1.2v 800mah. Ultrasonic digital rangefinderAdapter female link. 

Turismo Veloce

18*38.1/50.8/63.5/76.2/101.6/127mm. Laser range finderDay night vision. "compact" is that it features.. 56 led ring illumination light. About 20 x 10 x 10 cm. Prism. 0~32% refractometer. 3w led diode. Eakins microscope. Useful: High quality. 

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