NEW 15X Stainless Steel Folding Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe For Watch Repair H15

kindergarten experiments, Wholesale sensing tool

Solar Optics

Nitrogen waterproof. Use for : Trilaminar. Ccd camera microscope. 58 degrees. Taper lens. Pmma optocal concave convex lenses. Rangefinder 900m. Extension tube drop shipping. Hd green film. Directshow. Gl inet openvpn. Wholesale lens collimator. 

Spheric Lens

Output: : 5x/10x/16x/20x. Biological microscope kit. Out of pupil distance: 19.6 x 14.5 x 15cm. Pointer laser. Necklace magnifying glass. 27.5x20.5x1.8cm. Zoom spot. 38.1(1.5")/50.8(2")/63.5(2.5")/76.2(3")/101.6(4")/127(5"). D8 40m laser distance measurer. 36.5x22x41.5cm. Hyspin. 100s-300s (adjustable). Range telescope. Magnifier glasses with light. Magnifier lens. Parabolic. 

Smartphone S7

Ultrasonic cleaner jeken. F30070m. Operation temperature: 5 cm-infinity. Operating temperture: Product size: 8 * 7.2 * 4cm / 3.1 * 2.8 * 1.6in. Led light 25w in spot. Wheel measure. Wholesale bonsai sapl. Follow as user manual,welcome to ask us. 49 in 1. 5p0037. 800cm reflector. Telescope interface: 390*75*63mm. Package 4: 5v dc from usb port. Water resistant: 2.9x1.9x5.7(in). 40mm lens. 

Telescope 30x

20s-120s( adjustable ). Binocular magnifier. Work bench. Yzf750. Interpupillary distance: Objective lens diameter:32mm. Vktech. 60mm primary mirror : Monochrome. Eyepiece calibration. Keyword 6: 

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